Sometimes being positive is quite hard, especially when you get bad news or need to pass some to another.
Nevertheless we still try and hope that you try to keep up POSITIVITY with us!
Maybe some of you already expected – unfortunately it seems there won’t be no Rise & Shine this year again. To be more concise we just can inform you, that it will not be on the planed weekend respectively neither July nor August, although we had a letter of ACCEPTANCE! Instead of Rise & Shine festival, a Wagner opera will take place at the location the whole summer. We are deeply sorry to announce this very unpleasant situation.

To give a more detailed record of the circumstances:
Back in July 2017, on the day of the premiere screening of the festivals documentary “A Rising Shine” in Falkenstein, we already announced our comeback in summer 2018. Shortly after we made this request for record in written form via e-Mail and received a positive answer (see below).
In the long years we held the festival, this was the way of getting the date - most of the time there was only a verbal contract between the local authorities and us.
On 17 November 2017, while in the middle of our most important organisation time for the festival, we learned from the NEWSPAPERS, that the Rise & Shine may be in danger due to another project - a dreadful information not given to us personally!
After over 20 something desperate call-attempts on various (private) numbers from the local council and the municipality of Falkenstein, we’ve talked to somebody who stated their position and fed us with hopes that the decision isn’t yet made, as well as that it’s unserious, to report it in newspaper respectively that this person came around with (low quality) posters and flyers on a wine event, WITHOUT OFFICIAL COMMITMENT. Furthermore we were told that acting in such ways and WITHOUT ANY KIND OF CONSENT from any local representative already printing brochures etc. should be seen as highly doubtful and untrustworthy.
They assured us, that until 12 Dezember they will inform us, if the Festival could happen as intended or not.
When that day came and again after many many desperate call-attempts we got word, that this deadline got extended to the 24 December.
Again that day passed by and we got informed that another deadline extension was made until 31 January.
In the face of the situation we held a Rise & Shine crewonly emergency meeting where we determined our strong and solid dedication to the festival, especially because of our own research on the other project, and that finding a new location is most likely hard, if not impossible, in this short ammount of time.
On 31 January again another deadline extension was made for 8 February - and now finally we got word of the arbitration.

The local authority's approach is highly questionable, shady and deeply hurtful to the long built trust between the local community and us – neither the argument of prudence nor the facts won, which speak for itself. On one’s lonesome chance for MONEY for a very few, was enough to carry us out of the location. To prevent any kind of chitchat we hereby want to make this case public to the inhabitants of Falkenstein, as well as everyone in the entire region.
This chain of events was the reason we haven't made anything public yet.
The whole thing is a source of deep embarrassment to us all, but we had hopes that in the end the sorrows will vanish into thin air finally.
We all did our very best to hold a festival, worthy of the name Rise & Shine - even a final pages filling write-up on the situation brought no changes.

Finally, at this point everybody is able and kindly asked to draw their own picture. Unfortunately, there are a couple of negative reports concerning the upcoming promoter. But our opinion regarding the manner of the municipality respectively individual local council members or the promoter of the opera isn’t really relevant at this point! As said, please form your personal opinion about that! But finally there will be unfortunately no more subculture, no open space, no soundsystems and no roots, dub & reggae music in Falkenstein any longer.

We are deeply sorry not being able, to give you better news. Everyone of us deeply suffers due to this circumstances and unfair decision. This choice, made by the municipality of Falkenstein, has really wide-ranging consequences – not only to the festival itself, but even to our personal lifes. But we still are disposed to make a Rise & Shine, even in this year.

We wouldn’t be Shalamanda and the Rise & Shine would be of no account, if we would stop now.

The Rise & Shine festival isn’t place bound, although the festival area was very great. But there are a lot of other locations, which are beautiful too – or maybe even better.

This is why we kindly ask YOU for help: if you know a special place or even are in good contact to the local authorities – please get in touch with us.
We have a movie, that shows most of the aspects Rise & Shine is unique for.
We are certain that there is a place to be found where Rise & Shine can persist- but we need YOUR help.

Sorry again, for not bringing any better news.
Nevertheless "rise and shine" is a motto, especially, in times like these.
Our children, the lovely and beautiful memories and the hope as well as our empathy for another Rise & Shine, whenever it will take place, help us to endure the pain and to look ahead.

Feel free to share this message and make it known to the people! We and a lot of people are still looking forward for a Rise & Shine in 2018.
Please also excuse the numerous unanswered reply’s concerning ticketing – due to the many extensions of time we were unable to give an valid information to you.

Rise & Shine Festival 2016

4 Days of Rise & Shine in 2016

July 20th - 23th

PRESALE TICKETS available until 1st of July - 3 days for 44 €uro. At the Gate a three day pass costs 60 €uro.

With camping, Marketplace, Food…

For the third time, the Rise & Shine festival will come back this year with three days of good vibes, culture and bass! Currently we are assembling a high-grade international lineup. As always, the heaviest european soundsystems will be coming to Falkenstein to cheer up the massive with their handcrafted speakerboxes.

Inspired by the British-Jamaican sound system culture, a weekend where reggae dub music - played on hand-made bass-heavy sound systems - shall have priority , to sonicate the open-air festival visitors with positive vibes and vibrations. Behind the festival are music lovers with the idea of bringing together the local Roots Dub community and bring this music and culture to a wide audience.

Jah people come together
...let’s Rise and Shine...

Many thanks for your support!


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